Physical therapy in Laval, Saint-Jérôme and Saint-Sauveur

At Physio Élite, we have made it our mission to free you of the pain that impedes you from leading an active life and realizing your full potential. We pursue this mission each and every day with a team of 14 physical therapists who are trained in manual therapy and a number of other specialties. Are you wondering if physical therapy can help you? We’ll be happy to answer your questions. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our three clinics specializing in physical therapy and sports medicine, located in Laval, Saint-Jérôme and Saint-Sauveur.

Can physical therapy help me?

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If your pain or limitations hinder or prevent you from engaging in daily activities, participating in sports or performing your job, we can definitely improve the situation! The goal of physical therapy is to enable you to recover your physical capacities so you can resume all your normal activities. To accomplish this, our physical therapists rely on manual techniques, exercises, dry needling (similar to acupuncture) and Kinesio taping (the application of special tape on specific parts of the body).

What specifically can a physical therapist treat?

Physical therapists are qualified professionals who can help you develop a personalized exercise program that will improve your quality of life. They can treat a wide range of conditions, including musculoskeletal pain, problems with tendons and nerves, swelling, dizziness, numbness, headaches and even jaw problems! If you have questions or concerns, our team is always happy to advise you.

How do I make an appointment?

You don’t need a medical referral to schedule a consultation with us. You can call the clinic directly and make an appointment to see one of our physical therapists right away.

Is physical therapy covered by my insurance?

If you’re enrolled in a group insurance plan, it’s very likely that your physical therapy sessions will be covered. However, since there are different types of coverage, it’s recommended that you check with your insurance provider to confirm the details. Tables pour traitement de physiothérapie à Laval

What are the treatments like?

The first appointment with your therapist will generally last one hour and will be devoted to evaluating your situation. The physical therapist will identify your problems and clarify your expectations with regard to the treatment. This meticulous evaluation will allow the therapist to present you with a personalized treatment plan to improve your condition. The following treatment sessions will be devoted to putting that treatment plan into practice. The physical therapist will proceed with manual mobilization and manipulation techniques. Kinesio taping and dry needling techniques may be used, as well. Your professional will also teach you certain exercises and offer you advice so you can continue your treatment between sessions.

One of our Physio Élite professionals can help you.

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Cutting-edge physical therapy services

Our team can offer you a number of different services to meet your specific needs:

Testimonials from satisfied patients

5/5I’m very satisfied with the services I received. Thank you for the great care, advice and exercises!! – Pascal D. 5/5Excellent collaboration between therapists, good follow-up, personalized treatments. A team that makes an effort to give their best to the patient. – Valérie R. 5/5The quality of their services and treatment techniques are incomparable. As an instructor and owner of a yoga studio, I’ve recommended Physio Élite to several of my students. Always satisfied, without exception. – Connie C.

Physio Élite has three clinics to serve you, in Laval, Saint-Jérôme and Saint-Sauveur.

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