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Lilian Halme

Lilian Halme

B.SC., pht, FCAMPT
sports physiotherapist


Lilian Halme graduated from the University of Montreal in 2007.  She is co-owner of the Physio Elite clinic in St-Sauveur and also works for the St-Jerome clinic  She obtained the title of Sports Physiotherapist in 2012.  She has always been into sports, when she was younger she practiced gymnastics, athletics, swimming, ballet and later became an athlete on the National Development Snowboard Team.  These past few years, as a physiotherapist for the Canadian Alpine Skiing Team, she was involved in that capacity on various world cup events and during the world championships of 2011 held in Garmish-Partenkirshen, Germany.

Lilian is certified to treat athletes affiliated to the National Sports Institute of Quebec (INS) as well as athlete members of  the CDESL (free translation:  the  Development Council for Sports Excellence in the Laurentians).

She also represents the sports medicine committee on the CDESL board of directors.

She is actively pursuing her post-graduate training in manual therapy.  She has obtained her level 1 training in cranial approach physiotherapy.  She is currently completing her level 3 training with the AQPMO (Association Québécoise de Physiothérapie Manuelle Orthopédique).

She thinks it is important to support students pursuing a degree in physiotherapy as much as supporting recent graduates, which is why she was certified by the University of Montreal in order to supervise internships for students who are working towards their masters’ degree.  She is also part of the mentorship program for Sports Physiotherapy Canada in order to help physiotherapists perfect their training in sport therapy.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Lilian is a registered member of the OPPQ.

Lilian Halme