Physiotherapy treatments

The reasons that lead someone to consult a physiotherapist are numerous: sport injuries, postural problems, pain, work or road accidents… In Laval, St-Jerôme and St-Sauveur, physiotherapy practiced in Physio Élite clinics will help regain your highest possible physical function based on your recovery potential.
Your physiotherapist is at your disposal to help you get back the necessary physical abilities for your activities of daily life : whether it be working, practicing your favourite sport or simply feeling better about yourself as a whole. Our St-Sauveur, St-Jerôme and Laval clinics offer the best approach in manual therapy. The muscles, joints and nerve tissue of each patient are reviewed and evaluated in a rigorous and detailed way.

Manual therapy

As a physiotherapy discipline, manual therapy uses different techniques to achieve treatment objectives. Manipulation, mobilization and soft tissue techniques are used to reduce pain, restore movement and regain function. During your first appointment, your abilities and physical function will be evaluated. Physical tests will be performed to determine the best course of action to achieve your full physical potential. Sports medicine is a fascinating field of health care. In Laval, St-Jerôme and St-Sauveur, the sport physiotherapy we practice takes into account the latest developments and discoveries regarding sports health. The sport physiotherapy we practice at Physio Élite is adapted to your needs and physical potential, regardless of your age, gender or sport level.

Sport physiotherapy

There are several factors to consider when it comes to sport medicine. Other than the sport itself, we must identify the practice level, the environment in which the sport is played, the equipment used and the health status of athlete. All these aspects are taken into account for injury prevention purposes, which is the ultimate goal of any sport physiotherapist. Sports physiotherapy most often deals with people who have already suffered an injury during physical activity. Our sport physiotherapists design comprehensive exercise programs that cover all aspects of musculoskeletal wellbeing, such as posture, flexibility and overall conditioning. We encourage ongoing training of our professionals, so that our customers may benefit from the latest technological and scientific advances.
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