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Physiotherapy with an approach in manual therapy

Our team of physiotherapists, trained in manual therapy, has the expertise to analyze your posture and help you improve your condition through physiotherapy. The pain of your musculoskeletal system is a sign of local physical exhaustion: it is your body that speaks to you. Listen carefully, and let your physio respond!

Sports Physiotherapy: Free the Best of Yourself

Did you injure yourself while practicing an activity or a recreational sport? Are you an amateur or high-level athlete in need of physio follow-up? Your performance should never be limited by pain or lack of amplitude. Sports physiotherapy can be the solution to restore your freedom of movement and alleviate pain.

traitement en physiothérapie sportive à Laval

Physical therapy can treat a variety of conditions

Are you suffering from chronic pain or limitations? We’re here to help you regain your full potential.


Conditions treated

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The clinics in Laval, Saint-Jérôme and Saint-Sauveur

We will help you understand the source of your problem and remedy it. Our knowledge of the mechanics of movement and our manual skills are among the skills that will help us to resume your activities as quickly as possible. Visit us at the physiotherapy and sports physiotherapy clinic in Laval or at our St-Jerome and St-Sauveur branches.